Monday, June 27, 2011

The GREAT Outdoors

On this day we went to South Whidbey Island State Park and had a picnic lunch. Afterwards we hiked down a trail that leads to the Puget Sound.

Views as we drive

We found this wood chair on the grassy hill where we had our picnic. It was in memory of a young man who passed away. My guess is that as a young boy he would sit and read under this tree. What a wonderful memorial it is.

This is how Jason eats marshmallows.
We walked all over the place following lots of little trails. At one point we hid in the trees and "spied" on a group of skateboarders who were riding up and down the path. As we spied we made smores with a tea light. Haha. We didn't want to make a real fire and burn down the park! Just a funny memory I don't want to forget.

Shelby with the walking stick she found and her "urse".

After the park we went to Deception Pass.

On the way down the views were awesome!

My new shoes :)

Shelby making her way over the logs to the water.

Gathering rocks

Walking over this bridge freaked me out! The railing could have been 10 ft tall and I still wouldn't have like it.


Meadowdale Beach Park

On a totally different note.....see below

This is the dish that I referred to on Facebook here.... Since my MOTHER had so many kind things to say regarding my cooking I thought I'd show you a picture. HAHAH :D
Carrot, mung bean sprouts, green onion, shanghai choy, garlic, and sticky rice. Topped with a fried egg. Yum!
    • Amber Funderburk Peebles I have no idea what you just said.....:)
      June 2 at 2:09pm · · 2 people
    • Dulce Shuman Fried egg, doesn't sound too bad!!! ;)
      June 2 at 2:19pm ·
    • Angela Schmidtke I tried your pesto thingy - I never felt so much like a vegan in my life! I'm trying to have an open mind, but sorry, I'll go for the chicken fried backstrap with mashed potatoes 'n gravy any day!
      June 2 at 2:20pm · · 1 person
    • Nicole Lyons Yall r both gonna get it! Im mailing u sum! :p
      June 2 at 2:20pm ·
    • Angela Schmidtke Traveling 2-3 days in the mail probably won't hurt its taste any! :)
      June 2 at 2:22pm ·
    • Nicole Lyons Yea, yea, yea. U prob didnt make it rite.
      June 2 at 2:23pm ·
    • Nicole Lyons BRAT!
      June 2 at 2:23pm ·
    • Angela Schmidtke I probably didn't, and yes, I am a brat. You on the other hand are turning into a pacific northwest, vegan, flower child!
      June 2 at 2:25pm ·
    • Nicole Lyons Whatever! Im just enjoyin the wide variaty of fresh produce and seafood!
      June 2 at 2:27pm ·
    • Angela Schmidtke That's fine; just work out all the kinks and get some good recipes that you can make me when I come visit!
      June 2 at 2:30pm ·
    • Nicole Lyons Im makin u a pate if u dont hush!
      June 2 at 2:33pm ·
    • Angela Schmidtke What's that?
      June 2 at 2:36pm ·
    • Nicole Lyons Google it
      June 2 at 2:36pm ·
    • Angela Schmidtke I'll bing it
      June 2 at 2:37pm ·
    • Nicole Lyons So thats how u roll!
      June 2 at 2:38pm ·

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