Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apartment Hunting

We arrived in Everett, WA April 24th and since then we have been apartment hunting like crazy. In addition to actually looking at apartments we have been driving all over the place trying to get a good feel of the areas, including which are good and which are....well...not so good.

What's interesting is that the very first place we looked at we loved! Then we looked at many more, finding one more that we really loved. Then that one one got rented. :( So what was left? The very first one we saw and loved! Fate I wonder? (Not that I believe in fate. More like God intervened.) We decided that instead of losing another great apartment we would put down the deposit to hold it. Now we have 72 hours to back out with out any major consequences. So tomorrow we will head out searching again but with a lot less stress on our shoulders for we know whatever the outcome we already have an amazing place set aside for us.

Unless we find something that can exceed what we have already found...I think we found our new home in Lynnwood, Washington!!! We are both so excited. The apartment is everything that we wanted. Well, minus the electric/gas fireplace which would have been great. Instead it's wood burning.

So that's it for now.
Jason, Shelby and I are just hanging out and enjoying our Saturday evening by watching How I Met Your Mother which is hilarious!

Here's a virtual tour of our "maybe" new apartment!

The clubhouse. The main area that any tenet can use to lounge in.

The living room

Outside of the apartment. We will have a corner apartment like the one shown here. So we will have a lot more privacy and a great view.

The indoor, heated swimming pool. There is also a hot tub which is not pictured here.

The outdoor pool, grill area

One of the bedrooms (Notice the accent wall. We have a few different colors to choose from for this. We pick the color and they paint the accent wall for $10! You can't beat that! I love it; I think it really allows you to customize your home.

The kitchen. Our apartment will have a similar view of nature instead of another apartment :) In addition, our unit has nicer counters and mock wood flooring which is gorgeous!

Dining Room (Our's will also have a similar nature view.)

The living room with a wood burning fireplace. We can paint the mantel any color we want. I am thinking a dark brown. Also, notice the tile around the fireplace. The one in our unit has a dark expensive looking slate. I love that feature! Just another example of how wonderfully updated this apartment is.

I will leave you with this view of the Puget Sound which is only about 2 miles from us!


  1. Farrah BrummettMay 1, 2011 at 5:53 AM

    Looks like a really nice apartment! How fun to live in an updated, beautiful place with the great view! We are excited for your family!


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